So the first project trip didn’t go as planned.

Everyone cancelled. One by one our participants advised they couldn’t make it. I decided it was no big deal, it would give me a chance to get the facilitators out together to gel as a group and come up with ideas on how to make the project better. Then one by one, our group leaders cancelled. Injury, illness, shift schedule change, smoke. I was the last one standing. I admit, I was upset. Years of work, months of planning, all for it to fall through.

I moped. I kicked rocks. I had feelings. A lot of them. Most weren’t positive. Then, I went anyways.

I’ve been struggling lately. And I knew that even if it wasn’t what I planned, I’d feel better if I got out into nature. So my better half and I drove 3.5 hours, to hike for 5.5 hours, to drive back 3.5 hours. And it was worth every second. It gave me a chance to connect again, with him, with nature, with myself.

There is a learning curve to all new ventures, and FRRP is no exception. I’ve already figured out things that we will do differently next year. Get our trip dates out earlier so more people can get the required time off to access them. Curate a wait list for when people can’t make it. Update our refund policy to hold people accountable for the spots they do take.

Want to help us learn more? The next trip is coming, August 16-18th. Interested in joining? Check out our FAQ section for details on how to apply.